Yellow-streaked Lories for Sale

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The Yellow-streak is distinguished by its green plumage, which is heavily streaked with yellow and light green tips. A scarlet forecrown and matching scarlet thighs add a pop of bright color to the package.

The Yellow-streaked Lory, once little known to most pet owners, is developing a superb reputation for sweetness, personality, and beauty. All Chalcopsitta lories can be affectionate pets who don't become aggressive or nippy. Still, the Yellow-streak stands out because of its unusual coloring.

There are three subspecies of Yellow-streaked Lories found in lowland areas of the big island of New Guinea and some nearby smaller Indonesian islands. They seem to be able to use a variety of habitats, from primary forests to village gardens, allowing them to become a common species in their homeland. Wild pairs have been reported to perform "acrobatic" displays – perhaps a courtship or territorial display. Small flocks will follow the flowering of trees, and they will join other nectar-eaters, such as honeyeaters or other species of lories.

180 - 245 grams (6.3 - 8.6 oz.)

Average size:
31 centimeters (12 in.)

20 - 30 years

Behavior / temperament:
Yellow-streaked Lory is considered a lovable lory that is much less likely to nip than some of the better-known species. They are naturally friendly to their special people. However, it would help if you took care to expose your pet to others early, because they may tend to become a one-person parrot. These friendly birds want to be involved with you, so never neglect or ignore them, and be sure to keep them busy with a variety of toys.

Housing the Yellow-streaked Lory, especially a single pet, is another genuine challenge. Like all lories, they tend to have loose, squirtable feces that are sticky, sweet, and quickly develop an odor, so it's essential to set up a cage that's easy to clean.

Minimum size for your Yellow-streaked Lory's flight cage is 36" w x 48" d x 24" h, but these active birds do better with even more room.

The active Yellow-streaked Lory enjoys playing with toys. The play gym will be a great place where they can interact with you, do tricks, and investigate a variety of colorful toys. Your pet may also appreciate a small sleep box.

We feed our Yellow-streaked Lories a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, fresh kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, and peppers. All fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to remove any harmful chemicals before being fed to the bird. We also feed a variety of Uccello seeds, pellets, and nuts. Feeding pet birds the right foods is essential for their health. A balanced diet based on sound bird nutrition recommendations is the key. Balancing a parrot's diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavior problems.