Solomon Island Eclectus for sale

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Solomon Island Eclectus for sale

The Solomon Islands Eclectus are among the smallest of the Eclectus subspecies, and this is very evident in those reproduced in captivity. They are both smaller in weight and length. They are very dainty and well proportionate.


The Solomon Island Eclectus male is smaller than the Red-sided Eclectus and its overall body color has a yellowish cast to it. This gives the green an iridescence look. This yellowish or goldish cast is more evident in its upper wing coverts. The top side of the tail is strongly suffused with bright blue and the barring at the edge of its tail appears as a pale yellow band. In some individual specimens, this tail barring is more whitish. 


The Solomon Island Eclectus female has a small rounded head and shorter tail, which gives this female the appearance of being round. This subspecies is much lighter red than the Red-sided Eclectus. The Solomon Island Eclectus have the well-defined bib of the Red-sided except the breast colors are different. The Red-sided female has breast and mantle feathers that are bright blue in color. The Solomon Island Eclectus female has a light purple cast to the blue on its breast.