Scarlet macaw for sale

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The Scarlet Macaw is one of the most recognizable, popular, and intelligent pet parrots today. With flamboyant looks, playful nature, and a very long lifespan, these macaws have a lot of traits that make them a beautiful pet bird. They are large, brilliant, and eager to play and learn new tricks. Like all the other macaws, they are no strangers to mimics and talking. Getting a pet Scarlet Macaw will ensure a lot of fun, but will also require patience and care.

Scarlet macaws are large birds and, accordingly, will need large cages to live in. Dimensions should be 3’x3’x6’. You should consider it in a sound-proofed room if you reside in an apartment or have neighbors around. Put in a perch and branches that bird can chew. There should be toys for your pet’s enrichment as well. As an alternative to a cage, if you have space, you might consider getting an outdoor aviary.

Let your bird out of the cage for at least 2-3 hours a day.

These birds are jovial, gregarious, and will long for interaction with the owner. They will tend to get rather noisy out of excitement just before they receive attention from their caregiver. They also tend to reflect their owner’s mood; they’ll be as happy as you are in from them, and will be agitated if you seem worked up.

Socialize your bird from a young age. Otherwise, it can become attached to a single person and be aggressive towards others. Beware of its bite when it gets cranky as those sharp beaks can easily sever a finger or two.

There are macaw-specific seed and pellet mixes that you can feed your bird. Additionally, any nutritious food that is good enough for you is good enough for them. Chicken can be a good source of protein for your pet scarlet. Never feed them avocado and chocolate as both these foods are toxic for all members of the parrot family.