Hahns Macaws for Sale

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Hahn's Macaws are Intelligent and charming, Hahn's Macaws have recently become very popular as companion birds. Just taking one look at a Hahn's Macaw, and you will see why. Hahn's Macaws are adorable companion birds. Hahn's Macaws are also referred to as a Red Shouldered Macaw 



Hahn's Macaws are the smallest of all Macaws measuring from beak to tail 12 to 14 inches which is slightly larger than a Cockatiel. They are primarily green with dark greenish and blue feathers on their foreheads. They have a spot of bright red on the undersides of their wings. They also have black feet and a black beak. 


What does a Hahn’s Macaw look and sound like?

 They are slightly larger than a cockatiel and have the distinctive macaw face featuring a long hooked bill, and a long tail. Here is a video that shows off their appearance.

How long does a Hahn's Macaw live?
These birds are reported to live for more than 40 to 50 years if cared for properly.

What is the smallest macaw?

At 12 inches long, the Hahn's macaw is the smallest of all true macaws.

How Healthy Are Hahn’s Macaws?

With proper care, these birds can live over 50 years, so owning one is a long-term commitment. Some common health problems to look out for include feather plucking, chronic sinus infections, Macaw wasting disease, and sunken-eye syndrome caused by sinus infections. 

What is the price of a Hahn’s Macaw?

You will pay between $700 to $1200 for a hand-raised Hahn’s Macaw.