Parakeets are probably the most popular small pet birds, and they make great pets for kids because of their intelligence and playful, social nature. Parakeets are short for Budgerigar. They are also called Budgie.

Budgies can be excellent talkers. Their chirps are very pleasant and not too noisy. Parakeets have a strong instinct to chew and should be provided with destructible toys to satisfy this need and to keep their beaks trimmed. Hand fed budgies enjoy interacting with humans. Tame budgies, especially males, often learn to talk.

Parakeets come in a wide variety of colors. Still, the budgies in the wild are mostly green and yellow, providing them with perfect camouflage.

Budgies are small parrots with long, flat tails. You can often tell the sex of a budgie by looking at their cere (the nostril area). The cere is blue for mature males, and it is pale brown for females. When they are babies, both the male and female budgies have pinkish ceres.

Budgies are native to Australia.

Parakeets Lifespan

Parakeets live up 10 to 15 years. It may long if the owner takes good care of the birds. Medical care, germ-free cage, and a proper diet make them long live.

Parakeets food diet

Vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts are the favorite food of parakeets. They like to take various types of food, change them sometimes for exchange. The water must be fresh and clean, make sure of that.

They thrive on fruits and vegetables, requiring no more than a quarter of their diet from birdfeed.

“If you just feed them seeds, they will become obese,” she explains. “It would be like human eating only peanuts.”

Romaine, broccoli, apple slices, and orange segments are favorites, as is pasta cooked al dente. Don’t feed parakeets onion and avocado, which are toxic to the birds.

If you are looking for a small pet with a big heart, a parakeet is an excellent choice. Parakeets are lively and affectionate, and, when given proper care and an ample dose of attention, they’ll thrive in almost any living situation. They make great companions for older folks and apartment dwellers whose landlords allow small birds.

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