Caiques are medium-sized parrots that are becoming popular with pet parrot owners due to their playful personalities. They are high-energy birds that are amusing to observe and can form strong bonds with their human companions. Caiques generate a moderate level of noise and can be aggressive toward other birds. Some of their personality traits make them more suitable for an experienced bird owner rather than someone new to pet birds.

Caiques are known to be in two kinds   (Black-headed or White-bellied ), are exceptional parrots. They require a spacious cage, with many things to shred and tear to bits; it is the price to pay to have a bird well suited in his feathers, sane and healthy.

How Healthy Are Caiques?

Caiques can live around 25 years in captivity and are very hardy birds. When well taken care of, they will normally not have any health issues. As with all parrots, keep an eye out for changes in behavior that can signal an illness


Speech and Sounds

These birds are not the best talkers. Most of the time they rely on their natural calls to express themselves. Whether happy, frightened or merely looking for attention, these little parrots will give out their shrill, high pitched tweets and whistles. So to avoid those higher levels of noise, make sure your pet is getting enough attention and free space, and that it’s in general – a happy parrot.

Care and Feeding

Caiques are full of energy. To satisfy their need for movement and exercise, begin with a regular commercial seed mix that is made for caiques. This contains all the millet, sunflower and other seeds with all the essential nutrients. You can also offer your pet some fresh fruits and green veggies as well. you should ensure a lot of room. But make sure you keep an eye out – these little mischievous goofs simply love to crawl up forbidden places and explore as much as they can around the house.