About Us

Welcome to Birds for Sale - Exotic Birds For Sale

We are a fully licensed, Limits & Liability Corporation dedicated to raising happy and healthy exotic birds. Species we raise include Parakeets , Caiques ,Eclectus Cockatoos ,Conures ,Amazons Parrots , African Grey Parrots ,Macaws ,LoveBirds ,Senegal Parrots Softbills ,Toucans and Touracos, Poicephalus ,Pionus ,Lories and Lorikeets ,Parrotlets ..All of our baby birds are abundance weaned, allowed to fledge fully, and are well socialized with other birds and humans. We offer a guarantee on the health of our babies.

Our mission is to enhance aviculture through education, nutrition, conservation, and a mutual love for birds. We breed, hand feed and hand tame a variety of exotic birds.

All of our birds are exposed to an appropriate amount of UV lighting. Our facility was designed to house a large, separately ventilated quarantine room. We have a large dedicated staff that is trained in the care of the welfare of our birds. All of our birds are psittacosis tested, and polyoma tested.

Our birds are given around the clock love, attention, and interaction until their new families are ready for them to come home. Exotic Pet Birds Inc. employs a large staff of animal-loving employees to keep up with the commitment we have to give the best quality of life to our pet birds.