Poicephalus for Sale

Poicephalus for Sale

More about Our Poicephalus for Sale

Poicephalus parrots are considered a medium-sized bird. Poicephalus have steadily built bodies, large heads and beaks, and short tails.

They are outlined as easy-going, affectionate, playful, and curious. Although they do need daily interaction, they also can be self-supporting and entertain themselves if provided proper enhancement and lots of toys to chew. Poicephalus parrots are also intelligent and can often learn to talk and perform tricks

These medium-sized birds are not as glamorous as many other parrot species, and they prefer a quiet home environment. Given correct socialization, they can bond to the entire household and make excellent pets and loyal friends.

Poicephalus are gorgeous. Females will keep an orange head as they mature, males will shed into a beautiful silver head. They are slightly smaller than a Congo African Grey, and these parrots make outstanding companions. They are funny, outgoing, and curious. They have the potential to become great chatterbox if you work with them. They are not known to be as passionately demanding as some other species, but still require lots of time and commitment.