Parrotlets for Sale

Parrotlets for Sale

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Parrotlets come in a wide variety of color mutations. They can be a great starter bird for new bird owners. Don't let their small size fool you, they have giant personalities, and they are extremely intelligent. They are bold, sassy, sweet, and affectionate.

Male Parrotlets are olive green with a grayish wash over their backs and chests. They have a beautiful deep cobalt blue rump, blue eye streaks that curve back and down from their eyes, and deep blue primary and secondary wing feathers. The females may have some blue on them, similar to the males except for the wings, but their coloring won't be as deep and pronounced. Both have pink legs and beaks. They have a stocky, almost pear-shaped build, and weigh from 28-32g.


The Parrotlets are Fun to look at; they will continuously entertain you with their antics. Sometimes they can be quite mischievous. Since they love activities, it is necessary to provide them with a lot of toys. Their cage should be spacious enough to give them room to play and exercise comfortably. Taming them is not hard work. Skillful training accompanied by patience and concentration would produce beautiful results.

Parrotlet As A Pet

As pets, Parrotlets are often cute and cuddly, and at times, quite moody and fierce. Parrotlets have bigger personalities in even smaller packages. They can win you over simply by their size and amenable disposition. Parrotlets are amazing, intelligent, adaptable, and energetic. These tiny little birds make wonderful pets with proper care and training.


Since commercial food does not meet your bird's nutritional needs, a Parrotlet strives best on grains, fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds, pellets, and meats.

Small hookbill

Small or mini pellets

Fresh vegetables

Vitamin and calcium supplements should be added in their diet from time to time.

Remember, your pet's diet will improve its health and will keep its content.