Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale

Yellow Collar Macaws for Sale (Primolius auricollis)! Yellow Collar Macaws are considered a mini-macaw. They are relatives of the Blue-Headed and Illiger's Macaws. This species has all the advantages of having a large macaw but has a slightly smaller body size. They are very social, charismatic, and funny. If you work with them, they can become excellent little talkers. Yellow Collars would make an excellent addition to an existing flock. Still, they would also be a great introduction to a larger species of parrot.

The Yellow-collared Macaw is one of the fabulous "mini" macaws. The name comes from the yellow collar that extends around the back part of the neck. This beautiful little macaw can make an excellent pet for someone who wants a macaw type bird but wants a smaller pet.

Yellow-collared Macaws are lovable, friendly, and intelligent. When hand-reared, it will become quite tame and will affectionately greet you with anticipation. This mini macaw is very lively and loves to play and clown about. Eager to play and enjoy interacting with their keepers, they can be adept at learning some tricks and say a few words. Despite their small size, however, they can be loud and have a strong, harsh call.