Eclectus for sale

Eclectus for sale

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Eclectus Parrots are beautiful looking birds with vibrant colored feathers. The two of the most well-known subspecies are Vosmaeri and Solomon Island varieties. The Eclectus Parrot is a lovely bird, both physically and temperamentally. This particular Psittacine family member has been characterized as talkative, chatty, highly animated, curious, affectionate, and playful.

It is easy to distinguish a male Eclectus Parrot from its female counterpart. The male Eclectus Parrots are vivid green in color with blue and red splashes on their wings, tails, and sides. The males also have bright candy-corn-colored upper mandibles and black lower mandibles. The females, on the other hand, have red heads and blue to purple breasts, with black beaks.


Apart from being beautiful, Eclectus Parrots are intelligent birds. They can rectify their own mistakes by training themselves. Eclectus Parrots are considered among the top three Parrots with vocal ability. They possess clarity of speech as well as a strong list of vocabularies. With minimum training, they can imitate words, sentences, and even learn songs. However, they are capable of wildness if not appropriately trained.

These intelligent Eclectus Parrots have often been described as "feathered monkeys" when they are absorbed in play. You can well imagine how wild they can be if they are not well trained.

Eclectus Parrot As A Pet

The Eclectus Parrots are extraordinary birds and ideally suited as a pet. When taught properly, they are capable of cognitive behavior from a very young age. The ability of the Eclectus Parrot to communicate with humans is a result of their extremely inquisitive nature.

When treated in a similarly caring and intelligent way, they will quickly learn to communicate properly. The Eclectus Parrot also prefers a calm environment and has a strong ability to notice changes within their normal surroundings. Regular and consistent training form an integral part of the Eclectus Parrot's personality development, and with true love and attention, this highly intelligent bird makes an excellent pet.


Eclectus Parrots should be provided with a proper diet to keep it happy and content. A pet Eclectus regular diet includes pellets, veggies, nuts, fruits, small-sized pasta, cooked chicken or turkey, and other bits and pieces of foods.

Many even prefer boiled vegetables to fresh ones.

Give plenty of freshwater to your Eclectus Parrot for a happy and healthy bird.

Beware, that an Eclectus Parrot can become bored with a formulated diet that can trigger off negative behavior.

Make a combination of small parrot mix and supplement with your bird's regular meals.

Vitamin supplements can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled on their food.

Make sure you never feed your bird avocado, cabbage, parsley, and iceberg lettuce.

Remember, your pet's diet will improve its health and will keep its content.