Conures for Sale

Conures for Sale

More About Our Conures For Sale

These little conures make excellent family-friendly pets. They are incredibly playful and love to be out of the cage and with their human companions.

The Conures is one of the most popular birds due to their beautiful coloration and wonderful disposition. These vocal and inquisitive birds are content to be with their pet parents for hours.

Conures make great pets for apartment dwellers or families looking for a small bird with a big personality!

We breed the following Conures.

Green Cheek Conures, Black Cap Conures, Crimson Bellied Conures, Dusky Conures, Golden Conures, Jenday Conures, Maroon Belly Conures, Nanday Conures, Mitred Conures, Rosiefrons Conures, Sun Conures

Although Conures are not great at talking, these birds can imitate sounds.
They are not shy animals and will let you know when they are feeling neglected.
The vibrant colors of the Conures will no doubt catch your eye as you make your way past our bird habitats. The only thing rivaling their colors for your attention is their fantastic personality! They love to hang by one foot and show off! They are known to talk and are a bit on the louder side, so they are not recommended for apartment dwellers or families looking for a quiet pet. Sun Conures are very comical and love to play. They make a great addition to families, as they enjoy the company of anyone willing to spend time with them. Some people think they get the name " Conures" not from their color but their sunny disposition. Won't you let a little sunshine into your life?

Conures are Spunky, comical, and fun-loving! These characteristics all describe one species of bird. You guessed it! Conures. Because of their loving personalities, these bold and beautiful birds are popular pet companions. A diverse group, conures come in a wide range of eye-catching colors, and they usually have colorful personalities to match!

Conures are the life of the party! The typical conure is social, inquisitive, bold, and vocal. And they love to have fun! They are active, playful, and outgoing, and they love to cuddle. These snuggly babies are all about spending quality time with their families, and they are notorious for wanting to be where the action is. You may find your conure dancing back and forth, mimicking your movements or climbing in your shirt.