White Fronted Amazons for Sale


The White-Fronted Amazon is a medium-size parrot, is the smallest of the Amazon species. Despite its smaller size, this bird has an enormous, assertive personality. This playful, friendly bird tends to form close bonds with a single person. This Amazon is favored by bird enthusiasts for its size, temperament, colorful plumage, and excellent talking ability—along with its relative affordability. White-Fronted Amazon has bright red rings around their eyes, Sparse patches of light blue can be found on their chests and bellies, and their wings are edged in deep blue and red.

The White-fronted Amazon is native to Central America and Mexico. 

White-fronted Amazon Parrots can probably live up to 50 to 60 years or more when taking well care off.

Appearance and Personality

White-fronted Amazon parrot is Beautiful and intelligent, can be a lovely and charming pet, and they bond with their owners quickly. Sometimes they may be shy around others, and they love interactive play with its owner can be a charming for others to witness.

White-fronted Amazons are not well suited as pets for families with children but may be great for a single owner. They bond strongly with their owners, but some tend to become one-person birds. It is best to socialize them at a young age. They are the right choice for owners who have plenty of spare time to spend with their bird.

White-fronted Amazons are relatively small Amazons measuring about 9 to 10 inches in height. They are almost identical in appearance to the yellow-lored Amazon but have red lores instead of yellow. They have white foreheads, and red rings around the eyes, and red cheeks. Prominent red splashes are found on the shoulder of males, which are small to absent in females. Primary and secondary flight feathers are blue, and the tail feathers are green with red at the base.


We feed our White Fronted Amazon a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, fresh kale, broccoli, carrots, apples, and peppers. All fruits and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to remove any harmful chemicals before being fed to the bird. We also feed a variety of Uccello seeds, pellets, and nuts. Feeding pet birds the right foods is essential for their health. A balanced diet based on sound bird nutrition recommendations is the key. Balancing a parrot’s diet from the beginning may prevent many health and behavior problems. 


White-fronted Amazons should always be provided with toys, blocks of wood, or branches that they can chew. To ensure safety, companion Amazons should not be allowed unsupervised freedom in the home as they often encounter toxins or dangerous items.