Red Lored Amazons for Sale

Red Lored Amazons for Sale! Red Lored Amazons have sweet personalities and make outstanding companions. They are social, outgoing, and hilarious. They are great talkers. Like any Amazon, socialization is key. We encourage future owners of Amazons to allow them to interact with new people often. The more socialized they are, the better their behavior is. Ideally, the minimum cage size for this bird would be 36’’ long, 24’’ wide and 66’’ high with ¾’’ wire spacing.

Characteristic    Companion, Cute, Handfed, Pet, Playful, Talking, Tame

Red-lored Amazon parrots are impressive and charming birds prized for their beauty and intelligence. One of the most popular pet parrots, they have comical personalities, and most have an incredible talking ability, which adds to their appeal. This species is known for having a naughty streak if not trained well, so plan on being a disciplinarian with this bird.