Amazons Parrots For sale

Amazons Parrots  For sale

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Amazon parrots are very intelligent, highly social, and thrive in a family atmosphere. They tend to enjoy being the center of attention and the life of any party. They have the capacity to learn a large vocabulary of words and even sentences. In fact, many Amazon parrots are noted for their singing ability! Generally speaking, the best talkers are Yellow Napes, Double Yellow Heads, and Blue Fronts. They are easy to train and can even learn to perform tricks.

They are considered good talkers, however, some species of Amazon Parrots talk more than others like double yellow headed, yellow napped and blue fronted.

The Amazon Parrots are native to the New World ranging from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean.

They are mostly vibrant green and their entire head will turn bright yellow as they mature. This species is popular because of its outstanding talking/mimicking ability. They can maintain a large vocabulary and tend to love to sing. They are social and extremely intelligent. They require a lot of training, socialization, and consistency throughout their life in order to stay tame. In the right home, they make phenomenal companions.

Popular Amazon Parrot Species We Breed

Blue Front Amazon, Cuban Amazons, Green Wing Macaws, Double Yellow Head Amazons, Lilac Crown Amazons, Orange Wing Amazons, Panama Amazons, Red Lored Amazons, White Fronted Amazons, Yellow Crowned Amazons, Yellow Lored Amazons, Yellow Naped Amazons, Yellow Shouldered Amazons



The Amazon parrots are very energetic, playful and social creatures. Owning an Amazon Parrot is equivalent to owning a dog without wings. The Amazon Parrots require lots of affection and time from their owners, and they are curious athletic. They also love to perform clownish antics and entertain their owners. Sometimes they tend to become moody suddenly. If not trained and handled properly from a young age, they can become fairly aggressive.

Amazon Parrot As A Pet

By nature, Amazon Parrots are energetic, playful, social and are endowed with remarkable vocal capacities. Though sometimes moody, these birds are loyal and loving companions. They love interacting with their owners and can be extremely adorable and amusing. However, their temperamental nature sometimes makes them irritable, jealous, stubborn or even loud. To avoid this they should be given required attention as given to other homely pets like cats or dogs. Inexperienced bird owners should not take up training an Amazon Parrot. It is important to be patient with Amazons while training them.


Amazon Parrot should be provided with a proper diet to keep it happy and content. A pet Cockatoo's regular diet includes pellets, veggies, nuts, fruits, small-sized pasta, cooked chicken or turkey, and other bits and pieces of foods.

Many even prefer boiled vegetables to fresh ones.

Give plenty of fresh water to your Amazon Parrot for a happy and healthy bird.

Beware, that an Amazon Parrot can become bored with a formulated diet that can trigger off negative behavior.

Make a combination of small parrot mix and supplement with your bird's regular meals.

Vitamin supplements can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled on their food.

Make sure you never feed your bird avocado, cabbage, parsley, and iceberg lettuce.

Remember, your pet's diet will improve its health and will keep its content.