African Grey Parrots for Sale

African Grey Parrots for Sale

More About Our African Grey Parrots for Sale

African Greys are most famously known for their high intelligence and fantastic talking ability. But they are so much more. They can make outstanding companions, and they are extremely social. The decision to add an African Grey to the family should not be taken lightly. They require lots of training and consistent love and interaction. It is a life-long commitment, but one that can be extremely rewarding. Congo Greys are large with a light grey face, and bright red tail. 


African Gray Parrots are categorized into two sub-species - Congo African Gray and Timneh African Gray. Almost all African Grays possess high intelligence and the ability to imitate and talk like humans. They also have the potential to mimic sounds and whistles. To enhance these skills, African Grays need proper attention. However, this may vary from one African Gray to another. They should also be taken out of their cage regularly.

As the name suggests, these birds depict different shades of gray. They have dark gray wings and a pale-gray rump. A featherless rim of skin around the eyes is whitish to light gray. Their head and neck feathers have paler margins, giving that part of the body a scalloped appearance. The Congo African Gray has a red tail, and the Timneh African Gray has a dark-maroon tail.


The African Gray Parrots are relatively quieter birds. This Psittacine family member is famous as the best parrot at mimicry. Studies have shown that the African Gray Parrot can actually understand and use human language. These birds, however, can be quite temperamental and are known to be nippy.

African Gray Parrots are particularly known for their feather plucking. Various possibilities work behind triggering this type of behavior in them. It usually varies from improper food habits to boredom and ill-treatment. Lack of mental peace can also cause this demeanor. They have a distinct tendency to bond to only one person.

African Grey Parrot As A Pet

The African Gray Parrots are extremely talkative, intelligent, and sensitive birds. These birds are considered to be the best talkers of all the birds, easily learning hundreds of words and other sounds. These Parrots have been kept as pets since ancient times when the Romans wrote about them. To calm a screaming African Gray Parrot, fly them on your finger or take them for a walk around the house.


An African Gray Parrot should be provided with a proper diet to keep it happy and content. A pet African Gray's regular diet includes pellets, veggies, nuts, fruits, small-sized pasta, cooked chicken or turkey, and other bits and pieces of foods.

Many even prefer boiled vegetables to fresh ones.

Give plenty of freshwater to your African Gray for a happy and healthy bird.

Beware, that an African Gray can become bored with a formulated diet that can trigger off negative behavior.

Make a combination of small parrot mix and supplement with your bird's regular meals.

Vitamin supplements can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled on their food.

Make sure you never feed your bird avocado, cabbage, parsley, and iceberg lettuce.

Remember, your pet's diet will improve its health and will keep its content.