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Largest Selection of Exotic Birds The Healthiest, Hand fed, Well Socialized, baby birds available! We take pride in hand, raising every bird in a loving and caring environment.

We have the largest cage in the U.S. Let us help you find the perfect safe haven for your companion parrot.

We recommend the best diet for your feathered friend. Setup hassle free regular food deliveries at check.

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Birds for Sale - Exotic Birds For Sale

We have friendly, affectionate, and pre-spoiled darlings. We provide birdie families with their best-fit family companion parrots by giving their new companion plenty of enrichment, love, and devotion so that they have the best human imprint.
I am a bird breeder and offer birds for sale in Florida specializing in: Parakeets, Caiques, Eclectus, Cockatoos, Conures, Amazons Parrots, African Grey Parrots, Macaws, Senegal Parrots, Poicephalus, Pionus, Lories and Lorikeets, Parrotlets in our large breeding program, All of our birds are exposed to an appropriate amount of UV lighting. Our facility was designed to house a large, separately ventilated quarantine room. We have a large dedicated staff that is trained in the care of the welfare of our birds.

We're best known for our healthy, sweet, and socialized birds. We support wildlife conservation projects through AFA. We are focused on providing excellent pets with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our birds are raised in our home like family. They're all extraordinarily friendly, sociable, and affectionate pets.